One Or The Other Has Designs On Your Walls

Aishan posted on 07 April


Modern, limited edition design posters from One Or The Other {OOTO} to jazz up your home.

The Bigger Picture

Whenever co-founders Nischal Abhaykumar (Architect) and Jesal Pathak (Product designer) hit a wall, they hang a poster on it. In true entrepreneurial fashion, OOTO was born to fill a void, in this case the dearth of global, contemporary prints that could be framed on a wall, in the domestic market.

Great design always tells a story, and that’s precisely what the gorgeously modern prints from OOTO do. In collaboration with architects, graphic designers, and other creative professionals, their catalogue weaves an intriguing narrative. Thoughtful yet striking, the collections have an underlying warmth and simplicity, and this holds true throughout, in both the abstract and representational styles. The styles also present contrast, for instance, while M9’s ‘Architecturally Speaking’ is starkly geometric and typographic, Rutilo Roja’s ‘Modern Landscapes’ presents a more somber mirror to the human condition, with bold colours and emotional depth. We spotted several themes such as funky typography as well as abstract and geometric patterns.

Limited Edition

Each design poster collection is a family of five prints at the least, sized at 500mm X 700mm. There’s five collections and 24 designs, in limited editions of no more than a 100 copies. So, to get your hands on some of these, you’ll have to be quick to the draw. Each order comes with a certificate of authenticity, so there aren’t any fakes doing the rounds. You’ll also be delighted by the news that the prints are water-resistant. What’s more, you can even clean them up with a damp cloth from time to time. This is due to the fact that the designs are printed on canvas, as opposed to volatile mediums like paper. OOTO ships worldwide and takes orders on it’s Facebook page.

Price: INR 3,000 {non-framed poster} to INR 8,000 {framed}

Contact: email to place your order

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