Green Tea Lovers, This Brand Is Solely For You

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What Makes It Awesome

For those of you who always want their green tea, be it early in the morning before or post-workout or in the evenings as you see the day off, Mmishtea is for you. Wonder why there’s an extra ‘m’ in the name? Our assumption is that when you take a sip, you go ‘mm.’ The source and distribution are not far apart as the brand is based out of its own tea estate so you know there’s only fresh produce that reaches you. Whether you’re trying to keep those inches in check or just love the soothing notes of green tea, or both, this brand is for you.

They have two bestsellers, one is the Whole Leaf Green Tea, coming in a 75g container. This one is rich in anti-oxidants, increases metabolism, immunity and detoxifies your body. While you could have it the good old way, we suggest you make popsicles or even green tea cookies out of them for a twist to the beverage. The other product they sell is the Green Tea With Silver Tips. No, the tips of the loose leaves are not coated with a silver vark. These are naturally occurring and have anti-aging as well as refreshing properties. This comes in a 75g container as well. The tea leaves cost anywhere between INR 225 - INR 270 and are available on The LBB Shop.


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