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Vegan Mozzarella From Angelo’s Will Have You Saying, Cheesus This Is Good!

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What Makes It Awesome

When Aditya turned vegan about four years ago the hardest thing to have given up was cheese, he shares. This led to experimentation and multiple sessions of vegan cheese making before he landed on the perfect faux mozzarella. The ingredients are all plant based of course, and Aditya handmakes small batches at home every Monday. The cheese comes to fruition only on a Thursday and is then ready to be picked up every Friday. A labour of love and patience, truly. 

Vegan mozzarella is particularly unheard of in the country, so I decided to try some and placed an order through the Razor Pay link (in Angelo's Instagram bio). I also also received a confirmation WhatsApp message on Thursday to pick up my order either through Swiggy or Dunzo.  Loved when it arrived in eco-friendly packaging -- a glass jar with two medium sized vegan mozzarella balls doused in a delicious looking herb and garlic olive oil. There was a note that made mention of all the ingredients (cashew, peanut, tapioca, agar and Himalyan pink salt) and the 'made on' and 'best before' dates. 

As compared to traditional springy, stringy and supple mozzarella, this vegan version was creamy, soft and tasted delicious nonetheless (not very cheese-like though). The herb oil was my favourite bit. I made a mushroom toastie using the mozzarella. It definitely made up for regular cheese, I personally didn't miss it. In all, the more you eat, the more you want to keep eating this vegan cheese! The latest entrant to Angelo's vegan mozz club is the Truffle Oil Vegan Mozzarella, in which the cheese is marinated in a white truffle oil from Perugial -- a luxurious, garlicky and subtle mushroomy flavour. An entirely new addition and cheese is the Vegan Parm -- in powder form, this can be sprinkled on anything and tastes closest to the real deal. Safe to say, both of these options have put its tasters in a tizzy. 


Angelo cheese is listed on Google maps, so yay easy ordering! The 225gm jar is priced at INR 350 (delivery excluded). You are also advised to refrigerate immediately and consume within 14 days. Aditya plans on making hard cheeses too. For special/festive occasions, Angelo's is teaming up with other local brands to create delicious vegan DIY Hampers. They have a Lazy Lasagne Vegan Kit that serves four (pasta from Con Amore, sauces from Mommy's Healthy Kitchen and cheese by yours truly).