Bug-Off Bars To Cocoa Scrubs: This Organiq Brand's Soaps Are Absolutely Delightful


    What Makes It Awesome

    If you’re trying to embrace the vegan lifestyle fully, check out Organiq Soaps that hand makes natural and vegan soaps which are sure to keep your skin smooth and soft. Born out of the passion to make eco-friendly products, Organiq is a line of vegan soaps that are handmade naturally. Selling soaps, laundry bars, sugar scrubs and bath salts, this brand covers all your bath and body care needs. Their moisturising sugar scrub is made of the moisturising shea butter and blends of citrus essential oils. We love the brand's natural bug-off (mosquito repellent) bars made with vegetable butter and essential oils in adorable tin boxes. Rub it against your skin to keep the pests away (and to distract your kid while you apply it).

    In their attempt to be sustainable, they have completely eradicated plastic packaging, and have shampoo bars, our favourite being the coconut milk variant made from sweet almond, jojoba, and rich coconut milk. Frizzy, curly haired peeps, this one's for you! For those of you who don’t use lipstick, check out their collection of tinted lip salves, made of olive and cocoa butter, you can use it to moisturise your lips with a hint of colour.  They also have natural deodorants and face elixirs that you can add to cart. To place an order, contact them on their number or through messages on social media or just add them to the cart on LBB shop.