Ten-Second Takeaway

If you are looking for authentic Thai in the city, then this is the real deal folks. Run by a legit native of Thailand, the ingredients are authentic and the end result is fiery, flavourful and mouthwatering Thai street food. We especially heart the Pad Thai here.

Pad Thai Crazy

If you were to go to Lan Thai on our recommendation, then you should look no further than the Pad Thai here. Available in a veg, chicken, prawn or beef versions, the Pad Thai is sweet-spicy flat noodles tossed with veggies, slivers of chicken or beef, or prawns and slightly runny eggs scrambled and mixed in with the noodles. There’s also fresh sprouts, spring onion and crushed peanuts for company. Don’t forget to ask for Lan Thai’s in-house fish sauce spiked with plenty of chilli to pack in some more flavour. Our favourite version is the prawn one and these guys do not believe in being stingy with the number of crustaceans added to the noodles. There’s plenty. Beware: The Pad Thai here can get pretty fiery, so ask them to tone down the heat if you don’t like too much spice. For others, who have no fear of chillies, you can douse your tongue with some fresh fruit juices from the neighbouring  juice stall.

What Else Is There On The Menu?

We also love their Raw Papaya salad with squid, chicken fried with lots of ginger and served with sticky rice, and their spongy chicken fish or beef balls served in a spicy curry. Though all dish names are written in Thai, thankfully English translations and photos of the dishes will help you make better choices. Plus, the friendly staff is always around to make recommendations.

Where: Ground Floor, 5th Avenue Mall, Brigade Road

Price: INR 1,000 for two {approx.}

Contact: +91 9845816116

Timings: 11am-8pm.

Find them on Facebook here.