Jayanagar's New Asian Bistro Is All About Hot Pots, Bowls, And Everything Vegetarian

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Jayanagar is cool guys. And no matter how many times we say it, there’s always something to make it a tad bit cooler. Case in point, Patio 805, the newly-opened vegetarian bistro in Jayanagar’s 4th Block. Done up in a quaint, minimalist style with pretty hanging planters, the Asian joint offers Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. While we are yet to try out their menu, we already know what we are going to try. We are thinking of starting off with a hot bowl of some laksa soup, a coconut gravy based soup that is perfect for evening or if you have a sore throat. Crystal Dim Sums and Vietnamese Dumplings for all our ‘momo’ cravings, while Vegetable Fritters on Sugar Cane sticks for the sheer novelty and flavours it will throw up. Khao Suey is definitely something we’ll try from the mains, while Bun Nuoc does offer an interesting alternative. Oh, and hot pots are definitely going to be ordered with us wanting to try either the Korean Kimchi or the Vietnamese Lau Nong.

Okay, so much cravings happening right now, so watch this space for more!


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