Plums, Onions, Ginger & Spice: This Pickle Brand Will Tickle Your Palate

    What Makes It Awesome

    There’s nothing quite like the added spice a pickle (especially home made) brings, especially when it comes to comfort food right? The Pickle Company understands this feeling and has a delightful range of classic (and unconventional ones) pickles and piquant chutneys that really hit all the right spots. Based out of Delhi, their pickles are pretty much made, packed, and labelled at home and by hand, with no artificial preservatives or chemicals. Think ingredients like vinegar, mustard oil, mustard, and spices like fenugreek and fennel among others. Basically exactly how your (or your North Indian friend’s) grandma made it. 

    Now if you’re looking to replenish your pantry with the basics, they have classic Khatta Meetha Aam (mango), Khatta Meeta Lemon, and the same option with red and green chillies, and of course, pickled onion. For those of you who want to experiment or want to relish flavours that aren’t conventionally associated with Indian cuisine, there’s the Kachaalu Baingan pickle. The ingredients include eggplant, taro root, spices, and is mustard oil based. There’s also the Aloo Bukhara Chutney whose star ingredient is plum (also has vinegar and mustard oil, if you’re trying to imagine the flavour). Prices range from INR 220 to INR 320, and yes you can get it all on LBB!


    You can order a gift pack of three flavours (you get to pick which ones) on their website.