Ten-Second Takeaway

A cheery, by-the-road cafe, The Pied Piper is where you can while away an afternoon or evening munching away on light, cafe fare. Ordering in is an excellent option too.

Chow Down

Porky Pulls Sandwich, Pascal Chicken Sandwich, Homemade Brownie

Sip On

Ginger Whizz Lemonade

Winning For

The relaxed ambience, the budget-friendly eats, the super-quick service and their sandwiches that come stuffed with delicious fillings.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Right next to the BluPetal Hotel, near JNC, The Pied Piper is a tiny establishment. Wooden chairs and tables are placed on the pavement. Colourful paper lamps, fairy lights, and graffiti complete the decor. There’s a shelf with books and comics if you are looking for food for thought as well.

Fizz Up

The menu at this cafe is limited — just a handful of salads, sandwiches, burgers, and drinks. From their handful lemonade options, we picked the Ginger Whizz. We were pleasantly surprised with the bite of fresh ginger in this fizzy concoction. 

Breaking Bread

The Porky Pulls Sandwich was the highlight of our meal. The shreds of meat were tender and came tossed up in light sauce and slivers of crunchy onion. The Pascal Chicken too was a great pick. The grilled slices of bread came with stuffed with bits of chicken coated with a creamy sauce and herbs.


From the burger section, we tried the Yummy Burger. The patty was mildly-spiced and paired well with the fresh veggies {cucumber, onion, and lettuce}. Apart from a slice of cheese, there was a creamy mayo too. We finished up with their Homemade Brownie. The chocolate-loaded brownie was deliciously gooey and warm on the inside. It sure put a big smile on our face. While the menu only lists the Homemade Brownie, they do have other dessert offerings. Do ask for the day’s specials when placing your order. 

So, We’re Thinking…

The Pied Piper is perfect for when you want a long, catch up session with your friends along with delicious eats that come at pocket-friendly prices. Or if you want to sit by yourself with a book. On weekends, since space is limited, you might want to stick to ordering in.

Photos: The Pied Piper Cafe