Yay! All things awesome from costume jewellery label Pipa Bella are on sale {up to a whopping 70 per cent off}, and we’re excited as if Christmas has come early. With all the discount, we’re really trying to control ourselves. Being so greedy is not good, you see. They have a multitude of earrings, bracelets, chokers, some fun earrings and a pretty sweet collection of body patches. The month has just begun, guys, salaries are in, and we’re all set. Here are our top picks from the sale.

Star Crochet Necklace


Price: INR 494

Buy it online here.

Life Love Ring


Price: INR 419

Buy it online here.

Star And Pearl Earrings


Price: INR 629

Buy it online here.

Pineapple Body Patch


Price: INR 339

Buy it online here.

Bead Rope Chain Link Bracelet


Price: INR 641

Buy it online here.