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    This Platform Hosts Unique, Intimate Home Experiences Crafted By Passionate, Everyday Folks

    Abhijeet posted on 04 August


    If your usual Saturday evening constitutes a trip to a local bar or a meal at been-there, done-that restaurant, it’s time to switch. How about a unique, home hosted social experience that promises folks from an eclectic background, invigorating conversations, and bonhomie? Enter OpenOut!

    Open Your World

    OpenOut is an online platform that lists unique experiences created by its hosts, that anyone can join. But before you raise your eyebrows and say, so what? Let us tell you that all the experiences hosted here are actually crafted by normal folks, who are talented and passionate about something, anything. Think movie screenings, cocktail sessions, Sunday brunches, beer and barbeques, music jams, storytelling, live performances, and book readings and honestly, the list goes on. Just sign-up for the experience that interests you, and head to the hosts’ home and meet a bunch of interesting people. There’s no better way to make new friends explore the city in a truly enriching way; with its people and in their homes.

    Wait, But There’s More!

    Each of us is skilled at something. So, if you feel like you can become an awesome host and invite people for an afternoon soiree, all you have to do is sign-up as a host {use your Facebook profile}, create an experience and the OpenOut team will guide you to , your perfect first one! Super convenient, right? This could be just the thing you were waiting for to share your skills outside your friends and family circle and get rewarded doing something you have always loved! {yay}.

    So, We Are Saying..

    Meeting new people over fun and intimate home-hosted experiences is our new favourite thing to do in the city. In truly LBB style we can say, we have found awesome. Check out the complete list of events you can sign-up for here.

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