Cat Hooks, Kettle Lamps And Ice Cream Planters: Poppadum Art Is Home Decor Central


Pastel toned ice cream cones posing as planters, shiny kettles moonlighting as ceiling lamps, bulbs that multi task as salt and pepper shakers — Poppadum Art’s home decor offerings will perk up any corner of your home.

Conversation Starters

Poppadum Arts wants to make your life happy by brightening up corners of your home. Whether you are looking for colourful planters for your apartment balcony,or a snazzy platter to serve party guests, or you love yourself a bit of quirk, Poppadum Arts is here to help. And everything that we liked was all under under INR 3,000. What we loved was the new look and functionality given to daily objects such as real bulbs working as shakers, mason jars repositioned as lights, and a milkman’s ladle that operates as a planter now. Poppadum also does kettle lights, crazy mirrors with themes such as Marge Simpson to Batman, and clothing hooks that are shaped like kitties.

Price: INR 195 upwards.

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