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Chasing The Clouds: Top Destinations To Head To During The Monsoon

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Enough of the sun, sand and sea (ok maybe not the sea). But there’s a certain excitement to it too. Especially when the clouds loom and the rolls of thunder intimidate with the crashing waves – quite mysterious, no? So in pursuit of the romantic rains, we picked up on places for you to play peek-a-boo with the sun and retreat behind the curtains of rain this monsoon. From lake towns and beach getaways to mountain trails and tea gardens, pack your hoodie, boots and sense of adventure for these monsoon destinations.


Sure the shacks are shut and the waters too dangerous to swim in, but inland Goa is a gem in the monsoon. For starters, the whole world and their grandfather won’t be there. That’s reason enough! Dudhsagar Falls, a four-tiered beauty of the Mandovi, in all its glory, is worth the trek up to Sonaulim. Or hit up the wildlife trail at one of the four sanctuaries the state boasts of (Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, The Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mollem National Park and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary). Another treasure is the Savoi Spice Plantation to check out for it’s 100 acres worth of organic plants. Who needs the beach, right? Oh! Did we mention most star hotels go at a 50 per cent discount?

Closest airport: Dabolim, Goa

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Munnar, Kerala

Beautiful at best of times, the rains only make Munnar more beautiful. Oh the rolling mist on tea gardens that gradually turn into pretty little rain drops as the clouds burst – it’s really quite a dream. You can’t really do much because it’s quite a consistent downpour. But if quiet time is what you’re after, head here. For something different, there’s also the added bonus of being there for Onam for the colour, fanfare and festivities. Other ideal places in Kerala are Kollam, Kochi and Alleppey. Read more about what you should do in Munnar here.

Closest airport: Cochin (110kms)

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

The Princess Of Hillstations in the South (Ooty is the ruling monarch you see), Kodaikanal is really underrated. Nothing quite beats the image of the sun glistening on the rain soaked trees with the mountains, fresh as can be, in the background. If you’re happy to wear a trench coat and brave the rain, nothing like it. Just walk in the drizzle, stop for some fresh bakery goodies to be washed down by Masala Chai, along the lake. Or, head off to Dolphin’s Nose or Pillars Rock with a flask of tea/whiskey and enjoy the magnificent views. Here's what to do in Kodaikanal.

Closest airport: Madurai (120kms)

Coorg, Karnataka

Coffee plantation, gushing water falls, and a few monuments in shimmering glory is what you’ll get in Coorg during the monsoon. We love doing nothing but drinking copious amounts of coffee by day, and similar amounts of whiskey (as one does in the Scotland of India) at night. But do check out the Nalknad Palace – said to the be the home of the last king of the Kodavas. Abbey and Urupu Falls are wonderful too. But for a bit of a thrill, the trek down to the Chelavara Falls (near Virajpet) is well worth the excitement. Also, river rafting and kayaking is best when the rivers are full so get cracking on your adventure sports.

Check out things to do in Kushalnagar, Coorg here

Closest Airport: Bangalore (285 kms)


You mightn’t get to sunbathe much, but just walking along the shores (we’re thinking Radhanagar beach), a light drizzle adding to the romantic ambience and solitude is what you’d go to the islands for. Port Blair will have its share of sightseeing (the Cellular Jail and museums) but Ross and Viper islands take on a mysterious and wonderful avatar in the rains. Havelock goes back to being a sleepy town minus the tourist buzz. And just walking the streets seems more magical. You can still scuba dive, though if the sea is supremely choppy, you’ll need to stick to the closer dive sites. Sunsets are brilliant in the monsoon, with the sun peeping out of dramatic clouds. Instagram away! Check out these amazing things to do in Havelock. But remember it's the sea and it's rain, so you have to always be careful!

Closest airport: Port Blair, Andaman Islands

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

This one is spectacular at best of times. There’s just something about being at the absolute tip of the country, no? Add to that the confluence of the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, what’s not to Instagram! This is the first place the monsoons hit, and it’s eerie yet enthralling to literally watch the clouds roll in over the mighty waters before pouring down on land. Plus, hotels and restaurants are at their all-time cheap, which always works for everyone!

Closest airport: Trivandrum International Airport (67 kms)

Shillong, Meghalaya

The capital of Meghalaya, which means Abode of Clouds anyway, is THE place to be if you like romancing the rains. Lush green terrain as far as the eyes can see (specifically the Khasi and Jaintia hills), and whether it’s cloudy or the sun’s playing peek-a-boo, almost every photo you take is Instagram worthy. Waterfalls will lead the way to any place but we recommend you have Elephant Falls – made up of three waterfalls, and Barapani lake on your to-do list. Up the adrenalin like us and trek part of the age-old and famous David Scott Trail (originally a trail from Assam to Bangladesh) that starts at Mawphlang and Lad Mawphlang. For a lovely stay, check into the Ri Kynjai Resort. Read more about it here.

Closest airport: Umroi Airport (30kms)


Usually hot and too balmy to enjoy the wonderful architecture and laid-back architecture, this seaside town is on point for a romantic getaway in the rains. Apart from the museums and the French War Memorial, just meandering through the yellow-hued houses – some traditionally French and others strikingly Tamil, is a fine option. Then just pick one of the myriad seafront cafes or bars and kick back with beverage of choice, ideally wine. Here’s what is essential to do when in Pondi, come rain or shine. 

Closest airport: Chennai (160kms)

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Be it bobbing (OK, not really, we mean haring) down the gushing Betwa river in full force, or wandering the streets with the sweet smell of Custard Apple in the air, Temple Run comes to mind with this town. Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary, better known as a  bird park, will be at its prime with greenery and full lakes attracting  birds such a quails, minivets and even the mighty Collared Scop Owl. Jahangir Mahal look more regal and the riverside cenotaphs gain a certain air of mystery. Up for some river rafting, monsoon is the best time to catch some grade three plus rapids. Buckle up!

Closest airport: Gwalior (124 kms)

Kutch, Gujarat

Hit up Kutch in the monsoon for a surreal trip. Usually endless miles of white salt make up the desert, and that’s beautiful. But imagine that, plus most of it submerged under water, with two kinds of surfaces reflecting light, and boom, you have an ace image. Stick around for the full moon as they have the most wonderful (and super romantic) walks along the Rann. And if camel rides are your kind of dates, then that’s an option too!

Closest airport: Bhuj (71 kms)

Alibaug, Maharashtra

You have two options here: wear your hiking boots and hit the trails or sit in your patio and simply relax. If you don’t mind the drizzle, walks along the beaches make for great relaxation. But we suggest you wander through the streets, soaking in the temples and churches as you stroll. Just 30 minutes away though is Chaul, a charming town with beautiful architecture in the form of Portuguese ruins (try getting an image with lightning in the background), temples and synagogues too. Check into the gorgeous beach resorts to enjoy your time there. 

Closest airport: Mumbai (95kms)