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Prawn, Chicken And Coorg-Style Pork Pickle All Homemade From This Brand

    What Makes It Awesome

    If meat pickle is something that you fancy, then stop what you’re doing and Meet Pickle. Puns aside, they make homestyle (fresh) pickles exclusively from meat, all using traditional recipes passed down from the great grandmother of the creator herself. Each pickle is made with a traditional recipe typical to particular region in the country. Their best selling prawn pickle is a Kerala recipe as is their beef pickle. The chicken pickle is an Andhra recipe (but not too spicy), and their pork pickle is from Coorg. They also make a mutton and fish pickle, but those are made to order depending on the demand as it takes longer to make. Not packing the fiery punch as you’d expect, the pickles have either a tangy or umami balance in their flavours making them great to eat as is (if you’re the kind who does), or as an accompaniment with rice or roti (or breakfast items) on those quick meal days. As of now, the pickles are available in 250 and 500 gram bottles, sans artificial preservatives, so they need to be refrigerated. Starting at INR 250, the most expensive pickle is INR 400 (inclusive of delivery and tax amounts) and are currently shipped all across South India.

    What Could Be Better

    The only way you can place the order is through Instagram and Facebook on their official page.

    How Much Did It Cost

    A 250 gram bottle sells for INR 250.