Bookmark This: 5 Printed Shirts Men Can Wear Anywhere

Add some pop, colour and perhaps a bit of spunk to your wardrobe too. LBB has several things for you to shop from, including fun printed shirts. Wear them casually, or to work and look dapper. 

Here are 5 shirts I loved from LBB that you MUST cart right away:

Men Contrast Floral Motif Printed Grey Shirt

Add some contrast to your wardrobe with this floral motif shirt. The bright red motif and the grey background is a bright look that's not too loud either. Ekaat is a go to brand for fun summer printed shirts for men. And, this cotton shirt is going to keep your comfortable whether you wear it to the club, casually or to work.

Men Handblock Cycle Print Casual Shirt

Show off your love for cycling, or your love for quirky prints. This shirt is casual and cool. The best part? I can totally wear this by day too over a white tee, to give it an even more casual but a put-together look. It's a cotton shirt so you can wear it in any season. Besides, Fancy Pastels is a brand that makes contemporary prints with high quality fabrics too!

Men Two-Tone Rustic Hues Handstitched Shirt

Ekaat offers prints that range from tropical and floral to block prints - and I love them! This two-tone shirt has a rustic look. And, I primarily like it for the bright hue it adds to my wardrobe. It's a cotton shirt, and the abstract print is great - fit for a date or to wear to a bar with friends over drinks.

Men Criss Cross Line Print Shirt

This cotton shirt by the brand Lion Shirts is comfortable, is made using quality fabrics and is a piece you can wear casually and formally too. The criss cross line print is simple, so if you're someone who's just breaking into wearing prints, it's not too bold a print, so you can be comfortable.

Men Handblock Ellie Print Brown Casual Shirt

If you love quirky prints, you're going to love this elephant printed shirt. Fancy Pastels offer handblock printed shirts that have a contemporary edge. I love this shirt's colour, print and fit. It's my ideal weekend outfit.