Ten-second takeaway

The good old pub crawl gets a twist this weekend! Sign up for Pub N Grub and you’re in for an evening of cracking clues, chasing drinks and having fun.

Clue in

After hosting a series of food walks, around the city, Che Experiences adds a shot of excitement to your night out on the town. The first edition of Pub N Grub will see participants earn their tipple during a crawl that takes them across four popular watering holes in and around the central business district. After you find your team for the evening, you will have to put on your thinking {or drinking, shall we say?} caps on to decipher the clues presented to you and zip over to the next destination. Through the night, you will have to perform a series of booze-related tasks, record your drunken shenanigans, brush off your competition in style and race {or stumble, depends on how tipsy you get} towards the finish line in style. Of course, there will be drinks and nibbles to fuel up along the way.

Where: The event starts at Easy Tiger, Church Street

When: March 6, 2016, 5pm onwards

Contact: + 91 9916139182 or +91 9845077065

Price: INR 2,300 per head {includes five beers or four signature cocktails and a mini, pre-plated dinner at the last stop}.

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