The month of Ramadan has its obvious religious connotations, but for non-Muslims who worship food, it proves to be just as holy. The city is famous for the stalls that pop up on the street, where greasy and spicy food is served up. Year after year, enthusiastic foodies push their way through the bustling crowds, standing shoulder to shoulder to get their hands on the specialties of this festive season. But this year, sit back and enjoy these mouth-watering Iftar delicacies in the comfort of your home. So call your troops over and order in from these home caterers based right here in town!

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Tona’s The Biryani Place

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Anisa’s Kitchen


Mahajabeen Sheikh started her catering service in Kammanahalli to feed hungry Arab students in her neighbourhood who missed the taste of fresh home food. Zawaqa now has an average of 60 students per day! During Ramadan, she adds some Middle Eastern specialties like lightly spiced sambusaks, tabbouleh – a Haleem-like dish made with broken wheat and meat, ba’shamel- a layered baked pasta with meat in white sauce and basbousa- a dessert made with semolina and sugar.  How’s that for a feast?

Where: Zawaqa, 27, 3rd Cross, Kamanahalli

Price: INR 6/pc upwards for short eats and INR 750/kg upwards for biryani

Contact: +91 725916059

Tona’s The Biryani Place

tona's biryani place caters ramadan food

Source: Tona’s-The Biryani Place

With never ending requests for biryani from her neighbours and friends, Indiranagar’s resident fashion designer Azra Sidhan gave in to her daughter’s pleas and began her catering service. Her variety includes the old favourite chicken and mutton biryani, plus the more intersting green masala fish biryani. Her best sellers, the layered Mughlai biryani and the Yakhni mutton biryani are age old recipes we can’t get enough of. Enjoy the meaty flavours with an added kick from her special spices.

Where: Tona’s, The Biryani Place, 3rd Cross, Indiranagar

Price: INR 150 upwards

Contact: +91 9880181144

Find them on Facebook here.

Easy Iftar

Stuck at work with some serious cravings? That’s where Easy Iftar, delivering authentic Ramadan food to offices in the city, comes in. The catering service, partnered with famous food vendors, has three meal options which come with tomato sauce, mint chutney and Oman dates. The Quick Bites and Snack Iftar combos include samosas and different varieties of kebabs while the Shahi Iftar combo comprises kebabs and a special Mughlai chicken paratha. They even deliver Iftar gifts to over a 100 different mosques!

Contact: +91 9343333337

Price: INR 50 upwards

Find them on Facebook here.

Anisa’s Kitchen

anisa's kitchen in frazer town caters ramadan food

Source: Anisa’s kitchen

Following recipes passed down from generations, Frazer Town resident, Anisa Siraj’s 32-year old catering service is well known among locals. Not the typical rich and heavy Muslim cuisine, her food is light and nourishing, made from scratch in her kitchen. Feast on flaky warkhi samosas, mutton cutlets and Kutchi Memon specialties like the keema roti, kebabs and saffron laced biryani. End on a sweet note with firni or muttanjan – a type of kheer.

Where: 57, MDM Road, Mosque Road Cross, Frazer Town

Price: INR 8/pc upwards for short eats or INR 900/kg upwards for Biryani

Contact: +91 9845878300

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out the website here.

Elements Eatery

elements eatery in nadi durg road caters ramadan food

Source: Elements Eatery

Staying well away from the usual Iftar snacks and specials, this restaurant is serving up, and catering in-house specialties. In fact, proprietor Mohammad Asif says that most of the dishes are made thanks to family recipes. You can expect Moplah specials such as pathiri appams, Turkish sweets, Lebanese stuffed {with chicken and lamb} croissants and even falafel. But, by popular demand, there will be samosas and coconut pudding this time too. Look out for the rice pancakes with a sweet coconut filling – a secret recipe!

Where: 197, Old #59, Nandi Durga Road, Next to Airtel Office, Jayamahal Extension

Price: INR 20 upwards for savouries, INR 120 upwards for biryani

Contact: 080 32904513

Find them on Facebook here.

Colonnade Caterers

Quiet, consistent and very talented, Huma Ali’s food is quality. While it’s her variations of biryani that bring her fame, be it dum, Hyderabadi, Bangalore, Bhatkali, Kerala and authentic Muslim, this home chef will also do amazing mutton chops, samosas, kebabs {the fried sorts} and authentic desserts {we love the firni} for this special season.

Where: 56, Infantry Road, Shivajinagar

Price: INR 850 upwards for 1 kilo of biryani

Contact: +91 9844074798

Featured image via: Anisa’s Kitchen