Bookish Surprises Delivered To Your Doorstep From Read A Book Challenge


Bringing together surprises and books {who could say no to that combination?}, city-based initiative, Read a Book Challenge might turn you into a bookworm before you can say Enid Blyton.

Get Reading

Like the thought of getting a surprise package of books delivered to your doorstep every month? That’s what Read a Book Challenge offers when you sign up for it. Started by a bunch of youngsters, the month-old, city-based initiative is all about encouraging the reading. Especially so, if you’re someone who finds it difficult to pick out a book for yourself. All you need to do is register for the challenge and tag two {or more} friends on Facebook, and you’ll receive a surprise pack of 3-4 books, which is absolutely free for the first month. Chosen, carefully packed and labelled by the team members, the packages come with a handwritten note even! And, you can happily begin your reading spree, before returning the books by the end of the month.

Get Booked

An amount of INR 150 will have to be paid {every month} from the second month on, but we suggest you not let that stop you from continuing with your regular dose of bookish surprises. Because then, they promise to send you tomes based on a genre you choose! Pick from categories like classics, drama, fantasy, suspense, biographies and self-help {to name a few}, and the group sends you a selection of three books, accordingly {again a surprise}. Currently armed with over 2,500 books, their collection includes everything from fiction by Sidney Sheldon and children’s books {think Roald Dahl; we wouldn’t mind rereading some of those} to non-fictional works by Edward de Bono. Sourced from friends, readers and anyone interested in contributing, they hope to keep adding to it.

Register here. {Currently available only in Bangalore. Books will be delivered by 1st or 15th of the month, based on when you register}

Find them on Facebook here.