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    Grin & Beer It: 5 Reasons To Attend India’s First Month-Long Beer Festival

    Nimratt posted on 16 June

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Let’s face it.. we don’t need 5 reasons to drink beer. But just in case you’re low on motivation or feeling slightly lazy about planning a beer hangout with your squad, we have some seriously inspiring reasons to go out and chug! With India’s first-ever month long beer festival being hosted by Dineout & John Eapen, you’ve got to indulge yourself this June with these awesome deals.

    It’s Raining Beer

    We know we can’t live without beer and this month you don’t have to! With discounts up to 40% on beer and 20% cashback through SmartPay, you can keep getting one round after the other. You know what this means? You’re saving on drinking – which makes it easier to keep that beer fund going!

    Paint The Town Red

    This fest is happening all over town and at all your favorite bars, microbreweries and restaurants. So chill with your squad longer, because those who drink together, stay together!  The places include Bottle & Glass, Murphys, Bak Bak Bar, Biergarten, Broadway Gourmet Theatre and much more!

    Weekends Are Lit!

    With exclusive beer events happening every Friday, you’re going to be so much more thankful! The fun doesn’t stop at just the discounted prices; they’ve got so much in store for you, so #FriyayVibes happening through June!  Beer quiz, beer jenga, flip cup and more await you and your friends for an epic night out. Drown the work week blues in pints and pitchers, and stand a chance to win fun and quirky merchandise themed around beer for every game.

    #LBBTip: There’s Great Beer Challenge happening tomorrow at the Hoot. Click here to find out more

    Calling Beer Aficionados

    Confused between lagers and ale? Don’t know which mug to use or want to know fun facts? With his deep knowledge of beer, we’ve got John Eapen to teach us more about our favourite drink for a whole month! A well-known beer evangelist, he’s going to turn us all into beer connoisseurs. He’ll be hosting all events, and we can’t wait for the epic beer cook-off on June 23! Bookmark that date for sure and rest be assured, drinking is not all you’ll be doing.

    All I Do Is Win

    As if all this wasn’t enough for us to pray that June never ends, dineout will be gratifying the users who regularly avail the beer month experience at various outlets!

    What are you waiting for? Grab your squad and hit the bar! Click here to book.

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