Ten-Second Takeaway

Now, Red Fork lets you tuck in to their specials with a set lunch menu that includes entree, main course and dessert! Plus, they have a menu dedicated to your pets, coming up soon.

Lunching With Your Pets


While we’ve always loved the hearty brekkies at Red Fork for a lazy Sunday morning, the busy weekday schedules just don’t give us the luxury of sitting back for a lunch spread. Perhaps, this is exactly what the folks at Red Fork had in mind when they came up with Table D’Hote, their all-new set menu for lunch. Ideal for office-goers and anyone looking for a quick lunch in the hood, this one lets you pick a beverage, an entree and a main course dish to be finished off with a dessert. The menu which changes every two weeks or so, includes options like Chicken Cutlet with Aioli, Veg Dhansak and Homemade Fettuccine with Braised Pork to dig into.

That’s not all. Much to our delight, the pet-friendly restaurant is all set to roll out a special menu for your four-legged friends as well! Think meaty biscuits, popsicles and treats galore for your pets to relish while you enjoy your meal.


Pet parents, look out for their upcoming event {on October 22nd} which has a five-course tasting menu for your dear pets as well as some grub for you to try.

Price: INR 750 {for the set lunch menu}, INR 1,500 for the tasting menu event

Timings: Tuesday-Friday, noon-3pm