This Book Worm’s Paradise Lets You Rent Books For Just 25 Bucks!

    What Makes This Awesome?

    Has this lockdown starved the reader in you? Aren’t you tired of reading digital copies already? Don’t you miss the damp fragrance of paperback? If the answer is yes, then we’ve got just the app for you! Infireads is a small online venture where you can rent or borrow any book on your reading list. With no prior deposit or membership fee, at just 25 bucks per week, they’ll deliver the books right to your doorstep. 

    And don’t you worry if you like big books, you can very conveniently sneak in another week by extending it on the app. Or if you read at lightning speed, then you can go to the app and get a pick up scheduled prior to the due date, no questions or money asked. Delivering across Chandigarh and Bangalore, Infireads will bring you books of your choice, that you won’t be able to keep away from.

    That’s not all, if you don’t find your favourite book on the app - just send in the name of your book and viola! They will definitely get your requested book within a week or two. We are already on the app, stacking up on books and finishing off our reading list ASAP! So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Infireads app and indulge your inner bookworm. Stock up your shelves with the books you can’t resist.


    Infireads also lets you borrow books from nearby readers. So what's stopping you from sharing your love for books with other bibliophiles. Hurry up and sign up on their app to bring the bookstore to your doorstep. Head over to their Instagram to take a peek into what goes around in building a book lovers community!