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Learn the Lost Art of Fixing your own Gadgets with the Repair Cafe

Editors posted on 5th November

Ten-second takeaway

A workshop that will teach participants how to repair and maintain {the old fashioned away} devices and equipment instead of throwing them away or replacing with a new gadget.

I will try to fix you

Remember that time when there was no customer service available or you didn't start shopping for a new gadget on Amazon the moment your current one broke down? When broken bulbs could be fixed at home or a tear in your favourite top could be fixed with a few stitches with a sewing kit. Repair Cafe, a city-based organised group of enthusiasts want to take you back to that time when repairing a device or equipment meant fixing it yourself or outsourcing it to a skilled repairman instead of replacing it with a new one.

And keeping this in mind, the group is organising a day-long workshop where they are encouraging you to bring along anything you might need to get repaired and get it fixed by experts {at a minimal charge}, who will be around at the venue. Tools and skills will be on hand and you can even learn how to repair your broken watch or pressure cooker. The categories of repair will include: jewellery, clothes, electrical and kitchen equipment, old cameras, small household furniture and more.

What is Repair Cafe?

The aim behind this workshop is to 'help reduce mountains of e-waste' and reduce the modern practice of throwing away of things as soon as they don't work and replacing it with a newer version instead of having a go at repairing it. A pilot project of sorts, the Repair Cafe also wants to re-introduce the concept of repairing, which according to them is a dying skill today and also encourages sustainability.

Where: Rangoli - TheMetro Art Centre, MG Road

When: Saturday November 28, 10 am-5 pm

Join the group here.

Find the event on Facebook here.

Featured image via: Repair Cafe

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Rangoli Metro Art Centre

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