Art Meets Functionality In These Everyday Objects By Talented Resin Artist

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    What Makes It Awesome

    We've discovered an amazing Chennai-based artist who is truly "resin" the bar when it comes to art. How, you ask? She combines her love for fluid and resin art to create objects that are super functional and can be put to use everyday. Meet Aarthi Goyal and her super aesthetic Instagram page. 

    The first thing that will strike you is the fluidity in her resin art and her endless love for seascapes (they are truly gorgeous). The finish is almost glass-like and the attention to detail is beyond us! These are a result of painstakingly mixing resin, colours and burning and torching the products to achieve that flawless finish!

    Her line of objects and quirky knick knacks include, starting from small objects - tiny fridge magnets, phone holders, seashells and coasters. Aarthi also handmakes and paints bowls, rustic serving trays of wood, and plates among other tableware. Bigger pieces would be furniture that is equally gorgeous. They include side tables, cupboard panels and even false ceilings!

    Only art grade resin goes into creating everything, so they last long and the colours remain vibrant. The pieces we are obsessed with have to be ocean-themed mini magnets, marble-inspired phone holders, seashell ring holders (truly one of a kind) and the geode inspired coffee table. 

    You can also commission larger art installations, or interior design your space by Aarthi. She undertakes customisations for small or big orders through Instagram. Make sure to reach out at least 10 days in advance to have your order delivered in time. Best news is these products can be shipped globally!


    Prices start at 550 for tiny magnets and work up to INR 2 lacs for bigger paintings or orders. Keep an eye out on her Instagram stories for flash sales that keep happening every now and then.

      Available Online