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Skilled Retired Police Doggies Will Be Up For Adoption Soon

Rini posted on 25th June

Retired Karnataka Police dogs will be up for adoption and it can only mean one thing - furry guardian angels. In addition to their natural cuteness, they come with expertise in life saving - they detect bombs, stop thieves, murders and other criminal activities. They will have basic house manners, they obey commands and are even pros at hurdle crossing. Considering the fact that the dog squad of Karnataka is rated the second best in India, that's pretty impressive. As an all girl team, we're thinking it's time to ditch boys in favour of the police pooches - smarter and more useful!

While they may be a little old or injured, they are still smart and loving. Usually German Shepherds, Doberman and Labradors, they're trained from when they were about three months old. Normally, these dogs are transferred to the care of Animal Welfare Organisation, where they are prone to depression, due to the sudden separation from the handler they had grown attached to. And the end isn't very pretty. Quite an unfitting end for those who so strongly serve the country and its people no? Surely, adopting and caring for them would be the best way to show one's gratitude for their service. Thank you Karnataka Police for taking care of them. Now citizens, it's your turn.

Contact: 080 22943085

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