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Nuts Over Salads


Salads That Are Actually Full Meals, From Nuts Over Salads' Subscription Service

Amrita posted on 9th January

Ten-Second Takeaway

Their salads are literally full blown meals with the right balance of grains, greens, nuts and protein.

How Green Is My Salad?

This salad delivery company offers healthy salads throughout the week or month, based on a subscription service. The salads are just not measly affairs with greens and an occasional fruit thrown in for good measure. Instead, expect experiments with grains, millets, beans, cereals along with fruits, veggies, proteins, seeds and nuts. Nuts Over Salads also offers dressings, marinades and sauces such as pesto, Peri Peri and hummus with roasted peppers among others.

Taste Test

We signed up for a Monday to Friday programme with Nuts Over Salads. Our salads arrived daily just before lunchtime, nicely packaged in a user-friendly box complete with a little bowl of dressing and fork to help ourselves. The Brown Rice Salad {on Monday} with peppers, raisins, garlic chicken, groundnuts and a soy dressing won us over as did the Three Row Salad {Wednesday} - pearl barley, layered with mushrooms, cous cous, chicken and lemon-flavoured mixed beans such as chickpea and rajma. Both salads were filling and didn't make us miss a meal for sometime and nor did it send us into slumberland. The Fattoush salad with toasted pita bites, lemon and herb chicken was an unusual twist on the usual salad {on a Tuesday} while the Thursday salad was a chickpea affair with sweet corn, pickled peppers, Peri peri chicken bits and a desi, tangy yoghurt mint dressing. Our only grouse: Friday's Asian green salad with flavoured rice, ginger sesame chicken and a side of soy dressing, arrived with soggy eggs which we had to discard.

So, We're Thinking…

If you are that type who can last an entire month on salads for lunch, go for it. The variety {it's a new menu every week, with repeats only after three or more weeks} and taste offered by Nuts Over Salads is considerable. But for us, we think we will stick to a weekly lunch plan at work with these salads.

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Nuts Over Salads