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Learn To Hit Like A Girl At Akshar Yoga's Self Defence Camp

Ritika posted on 03 February

What Is It?

Akshar Yoga, founded by Internationally acclaimed Himalayan Yogi Akshar, is holding a self defence camp exclusively for women. You’ll get to learn how to kick, punch and block as well as understand methodologies on how to get out of a tricky situation. Plus, it’s totally free! All you have to do is register.

Who Is It For?

Will all the ladies please stand up? Self defence is a great skill to have, especially with all the scary things we keep reading in the news everyday. Sometimes, you just need to stick it to the man. And yes, we know that it is #notallmen. But no harm is a woman being prepared, eh? If pandas can Kung-Fu…

Why Should I Go For It?

The first day includes basic self defence and the second day has advanced blocking and attacking techniques followed by practicing defence techniques in a controlled environment. So, you’re sure to learn how to really kick some ass {when needed} while getting a full workout out of it. You go, girl! No, really, go register.

Where: Palace Grounds

When: February 25-26

Timings: 12pm-3pm

Register here.