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Learn Self-Defence Techniques With Gabi Makai Who Trains The Israeli Army

Aakanksha posted on 19 July

What Is It?

A self-defence workshop by Sensei Gabi Makai, this is an intense four-hour session at Namma CrossFit that shouldn’t be missed. Coming all the way from Israel, not only does Sensei have extensive international experience in full-contact fighting, but he’s also a Second Dan in Kyokushin Karate and is a pro at Krav Maga {the self-defence system that was developed solely for the Israel’s armed forces}. City-based Kyokushin expert Vinayak Shetty, who is also a Second Dan will also be part of the training session. So, expect lot of practical lessons and demos. Expect to learn basic concepts and techniques in both karate and Krav Maga in addition to some mental training too. Time to up your reflexes, physical skills and wits, folks!

Who’s It For?

Open to people of all levels of fitness — yes, the couch potatoes and the CrossFitters, head to the workshop to learn some physical skills as well as get insight into developing self-awareness — both essential to self-defence. What we really like about this one is that it’ll also teach you how to defend yourself against knife attacks, somethings that’s not usually part of a self-defence session. Apart from Krav Maga and karate, kickboxing techniques will also find their way into the workshop. Another aspect we’re greatly looking forward to is the more simple and everyday self-defence techniques that are aimed specifically at helping women in a sticky situation.

Why Should I Go For It?

If you’re wondering how it’ll be different from usual such workshops then we’ve got three words for you Isreal Defence Force {IDF}. Yup, that’s right! Those tough armed forces guys you see on the news, and their pop-culture equivalents whom you goggle at, well Sensei Gabi goes one up. He trains the army! But don’t be intimidated by his resume {OK, slight intimidation is allowed, IDF guys!}, the session is expected to be relaxed, fun and will really help you push yourself to get rid of all the barriers might create. Nothing better than a session that allows you to get to know yourself better, no?


Call quickly to reserve your place as there's only 40 spots up for grabs.

When: Saturday, July 23

Where: 35/2, 5th Floor, Cunningham Road, Vasanth Nagar

Price: INR 1,000

Contact: 8884462662

Timings: 10am-2pm

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