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OMG! This Place On Hosur Road Will Be Serving 19 Different Kinds Of Pani Puri!

Aakanksha posted on 27 April

Ten-Second Takeaway

While we were swooning at places that serve three or five types of pani puri, this new place, Shree Kalyani Ice Cream Parlour in Electronic City, is going to be doling out a whopping 19 different types of it. Yes, you read that right… nineteen! 19! While we’re not sure what the various flavours of water will be, we’re hoping that there will be the usual ones like aam, pudina, tamarind and jeera. But more importantly, we are really looking forward to having some quirky flavours too.

The place is all set to open on Saturday, April 29, so you may want to eat light on the day before so you can go all out and experiment when it opens. After all, you’ll have to eat 19 gol gappas at the very least. And then you’ll want to eat more of your favourite. So, come prepared for a proper food challenge. We’ll be there!

Watch this space for more…