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Celebrate Sikkim The Culinary Way With Kipepeo's Exotic Food Trail

Aakanksha posted on 24 August

What Is It?

A very alluring state as it is, Sikkim’s cultural and culinary traditions take it a notch up. Luckily, Kipepeo, a travel company  from the North East, understands exactly how to blend travel, adventure and culture. So what better way to celebrate Sikkim than with a food trail, right? We’re not talking just trooping into a little restaurant in town. We’re talking the real deal — travelling to the North East, living in traditional homes, working on the fields, helping make local specials and then of course, gormandising on it all. Within the state too there’s different practices and traditions — the dominant ones being of Bhutia, Lepcha, Chettri, and Gurung, Rai and Limboo communities. Come along then, let’s get down to earth for the love of food.

Who’s It For?


For those who really like to get into the culture of where they’re travelling, don’t think twice about signing up for this culinary adventure. Apart from learning how to make the much-loved momos and pork stew, on the menu and teaching sessions also  include making Churpi, a local cheese, Chaang, potent and divine millet beer, Bhutia noodles and even those irresistible pork sausages. Oh! And did we mention that the trail will be led by Aditya Raghavan? You know, the charming physicist-turned-cheese maker? See, why you should go!

Why Should I Go For It?

While it is a food trail, you’ll also be witness to the might Himalayas, miles of meadows and fluffy clouds, because, well, it’s beautiful Sikkim. Whether you Instagram the moment or not, it’s hard to not be awestruck by Mt. Khangchendzonga towering over you as you sip on your morning tea. Or better still, as you drink Chaang. There’ll also be pitstops at the spectacular Khecheopalri Lake, Rumtek monastery and the Makabari tea estate too. Keeping it authentic, accommodation is in the form of homestays.

When: October 16-October 23

Where: Sikkim

Price: INR 38,000 {including accommodation, travel in Sikkim and included activities}. Airfare to and from Bagdogra is not included.

Book yourself a spot here.

Photos: Kipepeo