Food For Your Skin From SkinYoga


Notes of coffee, cinnamon and orange with the goodness of almonds, rose petals and saffron. SkinYoga’s natural ingredients borrowed from the fruit, nuts and floral world have our hearts plus skin.

The sister act

Sisters Radhika {she looks into production and sources ingredients from all over the world}, Jagriti {handles the business aspect of SkinYoga} and Deepika {dabbles in branding} were brought up on a farm in Gujarat and survived on natural remedies and beauty hacks for any health or skin-related niggles. The trio started SkinYoga in 2014 to offer a range of 100 per cent natural, plant-based skincare products. Every ingredient under the SkinYoga range is sourced from its area of origin {for instance: saffron from Spain or Kashmir} and is grown naturally without the sue of any pesticide or steroids.

Spoilt for choice

We tried the Oats and Rose face wash followed by the Almond and Orange face scrub. The face wash won us over with its mild, almost gentle, nature while the scrub with its nutty and citrusy tones perked up our skin considerably. Similarly, the Fresh Orange Body Scrub {we suspect dried and powdered orange peel} packed a refreshing citrus punch while the Coffee bath scrub {divine smelling, of course} and left our skin feeling supple. We are also waiting to try their Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask and the Tea Tree Cinnamon Foot Scrub, on a free day.

What gets our thumbs up

The fact that you get exactly what is mentioned on the packaging, without any parabens, artificial fragrances or foam-producing chemicals wins brownie points. All applications require only the addition of a few drops of water to activate the products into paste, which you rub well on your hands {handy tutorials are available on their Facebook page} before applying on your skin, just as you would apply a home beauty remedy. You can even try their miniature versions first.

So, we’re thinking…

The products would probably work complimentary to each other and for best results, perhaps a regular routine or beauty ritual needs to be established with SkinYoga.

Price: INR 199 upwards for miniatures and INR 1,175 upwards for regular sizes.

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Check out their website here to shop online.