Ten-Second Takeaway

Bangalore-based Spice Girls has shoes, bags and belts for every girl, and has become a cult place for college students while it’s been doing its thing for the last fourteen years.

{Almost} Sex And The City

Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe closet from Sex and the City? Well, when you walk into Spice Girls, you’re going to almost feel like that, minus the luxurious brands and price tags that are meant “for your eyes only”. This is especially a makeshift paradise for students from neighbouring colleges who hang out in the stretch outside Empire Hotel, to savour food at the countless eateries, haunt the endless pubs and satisfy their consumer needs while keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Among the chaotic nightmare that the street can often become, Spice Girls has saved customers in times of last-minute desperate needs and even when latest trends haven’t been available elsewhere.

But First Let Me Take A Shoefie


Perfect spot for a shoefie, the store has shoes including gladiators that are a rage on Instagram, white sneakers that have become a part of the entire airport fashion/athleisure/normcore trend, stilettos that every girl needs, moccasins for androgynous days, ballet shoes for daily wear, boots that Bangalore girls cannot do without and slippers to drag your feet at home in. Although it would be fair to add here that there are a ton of imitations at the store that look very obviously-imitated. It might be a good idea to spend some time and scout for the ones that really appeal to you.

Bags Don’t Lie

For those with a fetish for bags, Spice Girls has a range that you will only be tempted to add to your colossal collection. The irresistible bohemian fringe bags — some in faux suede while others in faux leather, metallic bags that remind us of 90s pop songs, backpacks for the punk lovers, clutches and totes of the very basic yet stylish kind, there’s nothing this store doesn’t have. They even have belts in every colour you can think of that you can use for daily wear. Basically everything that won’t cost you a bomb and when you’re okay to compromise on quality {help Bangkok!} — we can’t vouch for how long-lasting their products are, but definitely serve the purpose, even if temporarily. If you look up towards the ceiling, you’ll see their storage space, which is almost as big as the store itself, and what lies up there, we cannot even imagine!

Where: 1st A Cross Rd, 5th Block, Koramangala

Price: INR 300-INR 4,000

Contact: +91 9845232406

Timings: 9am-10pm

Photos: Devika Raman


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