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Food From The Spiti Valley Will Make Its Way To Ants Cafe & Store In Whitefield This Weekend

Amrita posted on 13 January

What Is It?

Ants Cafe in Indiranagar, and now Whitefield, has been known to organise a bunch of diverse food festivals in the past, showcasing the best of North Eastern cuisine. At its Whitefield branch this Saturday, the cafe is all set to feature dishes all the way from the remote region of Spiti in Himachal Pradesh.

Who Is It For?

For anybody who loves food, of course, and who wants to try something new, especially cuisine from an under-represented part of our country. The good folks from NGOs Shen and NCF {that work in the region towards the conservation of snow leopards and wildlife} will be cooking up a feast for you.

Why Should I Go For It?

Hey, you don't get to tuck into delicious food from Spiti every other day! On the menu will be momos but in a Spiti variant stuffed with minced meat or potatoes and local cheese {churpe}. Then there will be thukpa, a soupy number with veggies and dumplings {mutton or with vegetables and churpe}. Mains include Pakzak Mirku, a dish made with wheat, curd and paneer, Phemar, made with roasted barley flour, ghee and sugar black peas and a kidney bean curry, which will be served with flat breads called Butara. And wash it all down with some spiced black tea!

When: Saturday, January 14

Where: Ants Cafe & Store Whitefield, No 5, 1st Main Road, opposite HDFC Bank, Whitefield Main Road, near Hope Farm Junction

Price: INR 375 per plate

Contact: Call +91 8660838272 to book a spot

Timings: 7pm

Find the event on Facebook here.

Featured Photo for representational purpose: Arunabha Goswami

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