Streaming Soon: Spotify To Launch In India And We Can't Wait

Sreepathy posted on 17 March

No need to slyly {illegally} download songs from random websites any longer {say bye bye to mp3skull and} as co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek, of Spotify, has confirmed the music-streaming giant will be launching in India soon. The plans which include starting up in countries such as Russia and Africa as well have been afoot for a while now, especially since the CEO wants to expand to locations rich in music culture.

Hopefully, in the next few months, you will have access to over a million songs and playlists, podcasts, and video streams for a small fee. While we already have access to the hugely popular Apple Music and Google Play Music, and now the recently launched Amazon Music, Spotify still remains a much-sought-after source of music with several users already using VPNs to stream music from there. The company is also expected to go public in April, with its IPO filing documents apparently stating they have leased office space in Mumbai.