Vintage Jars To Picnic Baskets: 10 Multitasking Storage Solutions For Your Home

Chandni posted on 06 July

We’re always packed for space, no matter how large or small our houses are. We don’t know what to do with the numerous small things we have, where to store them {pack them in suitcases and dump them on the top of our cupboards?}, and sometimes wonder why we even have them! We want to hide all the not-so-often-used things {even ugly sometimes} in pretty looking things, and that is exactly why these interesting options ought to be great solutions to your storage problems.

Vintage Ivory Antique Box Set

This vintage set of boxes, that come in different sizes can be used to keep sugar, pepper or any of your favourite spices. If you feel they’re too gorgeous to be kept in the kitchen, make them sit pretty in your living room.

Price: INR 2,399

Buy it online here.

Washup Metal Laundry Storage Box

We love this cute box that looks like a bathtub. Even dirty clothes are gonna look pretty in this. And hey, if you ever forget, it even says “Wash Up”, to remind you that you gotta do what you gotta do!

Price: INR 900

Buy it online here.

Primrose Hill Trunks

Inspired by the cobbled streets of Europe, these trunks can be the perfect vanity case. Gift one to your best friend, and you both can be winning while you’re twinning!

Price: INR 1,000

Buy it online here.

Shabby Chic Wooden Storage Box

Your favourite trinkets. That precious pendant that your grandmother gave you. That souvenir that you picked up from your favourite destination? Store all your collectibles in this pretty box.

Price: INR 915

Buy it online here.

Coffee Table

Books, magazines, newspapers, ashtrays, whatever you regularly use in your living room, anything that you might wanna keep handy, this pretty table can hold more than just your coffee.

Price: INR 3,499

Buy it online here.

Sweet Tooth Box

This quirky box made with MDF and canvas is not just a pretty sight. You can store chocolates, tea bags and all things fun in it, and open it anytime you feel like you need to treat yourself.

Price: INR 1,295

Buy it online here.

Bamboo Cane With Inner Laundry Basket

If you anyway have a lot of cane furniture in your house, this will fit right in. And if you don’t, then maybe it’s time to show a little love to this good old art.

Price: INR 2,990

Buy it online here.

Weaver Wood Storage Box

Adorn your dressing table with this pretty jewellery box hand-made with wood for that touch of subtle fancy to your space.

Price: INR 1,330

Buy it online here.

Large Multicolor Shopping Bag

Save plastic, and get this kaleidoscopic shopping bag instead. And once you’re done, put in the fridge things that you can’t store outside, and leave the rest in the bag.

Price: INR 1,549

Buy it online here.

Foldable Wardrobe

For those times when you’ve just moved into a new city, or a new house, and you’re not sure you’re even going to live there, this foldable wardrobe is extremely advantageous. And very affordable. Sick of the place? Just pack up and move, without feeling terrible about how much you just ended up spending.

Price: INR 1,675

Buy it online here.