Sweet And Savoury Street Eats In Singapore

Singapore may wow you with its fine dining and Michelin starred restaurants, but your food journey is incomplete without tasting the street food here. From mouthwatering curry puffs, cheung fun rolls to the Hainanese chicken rice; the sunny island has more than one place if you wish to try out the local delicacies.

Tong Bahru

Considered the hipster zone by many, Tiong Bahru is home to numerous cafes and local boutiques. One of the main attractions here is a multi-storied building painted with colorful art, inside which you will find multi cuisine food stalls lined up one after the other. It’s somewhat similar to a food court but think more along the lines of Dilli Haat. We loved that it wasn’t a cramped space but had sunshine and fresh air streaming through at all times.

This is where we first got our hands on the legendary Chendol- a coconut and ice based dessert. The first bite will have you experiencing multiple textures- the jelly noodles stand out against the creamy coconut milk making for quite a mouthful. In some bites you will find red bean which does take some time to acquire a taste. The ice however, makes this a super refreshing treat in the heat. The stall, Liang Liang Garden also had some interesting juices and other fruit-based dessert- we were wowed by the cold Sweet Plum concoction {which was sourer than sweet, but a delight nonetheless}.

Other dishes, which impressed us include the Fish Porridge, the Chicken Rice at Hai Shan Roast and the Jian Bo Shui Kueh – a rice flour and radish vegetarian snack which will make you forget meat temporarily.


Frog legs on your bucket list? Here’s where you can tick them off. Eateries in Chinatown are dotted with red lanterns, yellow chairs and the place is constantly bustling with energy no matter what time of the day it is.

We went all out with the Seafood Porridge {this is magical and cured some of our fellow travelers of their colds}, Hainanese Style Beef Noodles and glazed Frog legs. All of which were beyond delish.

If you don’t want to stray into the unknown, stick to the Chicken Rice and BBQ Chicken wings. Make sure you order a portion of Wanton Noodles to go with it. We hear the Roast Duck is pretty great too.

#LBBTip: You may want to keep a backup option if you’re vegetarian. This is strictly a meat haven. However, there are a few hawker stalls that serve pretty good vegetarian food{though by the time we thought of exploring these our stomach had given up}.

Little India

There comes a point during your holiday when you miss home, and this is the place you want to be when that feeling hits you. Mostly popular for its South India food joints, the parrottas and dosas here are to die for. However, our reason to go here was the Milo Dinosaur- a milkshake with tones of Milo chocolate powder in it. It’s delicious and huge – you might want to get this as a breakfast on the go.

A hot cup of chai is something we never say no to. Do try the Teh Tarik – It will remind you of the masala chai back home just that this one is frothier and stronger than your average cuppa.

Lau Pasat

A true Singapore landmark, Lau Pa Sat is the perfect blend of history, architecture and some off the best local street food. Head here for fresh street seafood and mouthwatering Hainanese Chicken Rice in town {at least we think so}.

You can sit here for hours gorging on the variety of food on offer – we’ve heard great things about the Malaysian and Indonesian stalls too. Next time, we’d be going back here for the Grilled Prawn and Chicken Satays, Chicken Stuffed Paratha and Clear Prawn Soup.

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