Ten-Second Takeaway

Tucked into the ‘pete’ area labyrinth is Sultanpete, that’s crowded with shops dedicated to finding you the perfect invite for every imaginable occasion. Plus, you’ll find varieties in paper here.

House Of Cards

The easiest route to Sultanpet is through BVK Iyengar Road {otherwise you might spend a good bit of time running around in circles}. Once you have reached the start of the narrow alleys that make up Sultanpet it is best that you discover the place of foot {don’t even bother bringing your car to these parts}.

On the main road, you’ll find shop after shop beckoning you in with displays of cards of all shapes, sizes, and colours. Sultanpet is where glossy showrooms with designer cards sit comfortably beside small establishments whose shelves brim over with endless invitations. Choose which way you to want to go depending on your budget and preference and settle in for the parade of invites.

By Invitation Only

For a traditional, Hindu wedding or housewarming ceremony, you can pick up cards featuring an image of Lord Ganesha {designed in a hundred different ways}. For Christian weddings, you’ll find invitations imprinted with the bride and bridegroom walking off into the sunset or doves, or with rings entwined. Going for a non-religious ceremony? No problem! Just pick up cards with delicate flower motifs or eco-friendly paper with simple patterns. Kiddies are also given plenty of choice in Sultanpet. Birthday invites featuring Chotta Bheem, Ben 10, and Minnie Mouse are common.

Sultanpet is a wholesale market so you will have to buy a minimum of 100 cards. Once you have bundled up your cards, the shop will happily recommend a printing shop nearby {it takes around 2 hours to get 100 cards printed. If the count is more than that, you’ll have to drop by the next day}.

The Paper Trail

Artists and DIY practitioners will love Sultanpet. Apart from card shops,places like Hindustan Paper & Board Company and Rajalakshmi Paper Co stacked with papers of all kind are also part of the mix. You’ll find handmade sheets with bits of flower petals embedded in them, crushed paper, and marbled paper. Gift bags, folders, and thick sheets for sketching are also easily available.

Prices: INR 4 per sheet of paper upwards. Cards start at about INR 20. 

When: Monday – Sunday, 11am onwards

Featured image by: Priya Sebastian