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    Shakespeare In Love? The Summer House's Year-End Collection Is An Ode To The Bard

    Akshaya posted on 30 December


    Boho-chic brand The Summer House has come out with a new end-of-year collection called the Bard’s Lover, featuring beautiful crafted, artisanal silk dresses, skirts and blouses.

    Starting Anew

    We’re in love with The Summer House for their signature prints, luxurious fabrics and slow fashion! If you’re looking for a New Year’s dress, or even just something beautiful to start 2017 with, then check out this fashion label’s latest collection — The Bard’s Lover. Although the collection is small with a total of seven pieces, expect drop waist dresses, old fashioned skirts paired with blouses and even maxi dresses. We love how loose and easy-going this collection is, which is just what we need to start the New Year afresh!

    The New Romantics

    The collection features light colours, minimalist prints and iconic cuts reminiscent of the early 20th century — The Bard’s Lover truly is a collection for all the romantics out there! Check out the Rosalind kimono-sleeve calligraphy printed dress {with lines from the Bard’s As You Like It printed on it} for something light and breezy, or the bold, printed Viajero set if you’re looking to make more of a statement.

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