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Swarathma Picks Out Their Must-Watch List of Bands for NH7 Weekender

Editors posted on 15 October

The month of December is nearly upon us {atleast in our heads} because that’s the time we get to attend a plethora of festivals in town. And the big daddy of music fests, Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2015, will be back for its third edition in Bangalore. Ahead of the festival, we got Jishnu Dasgupta – bass player with Swarathma {who will also be performing at the fest} to give us the dope on some of the his favourite playlists and acts from the upcoming Weekender.

R&G – Hanuman

This is the band I’m most kicked about watching among the international acts. Hanuman is the first track I heard and it blew me away, with good reason of course. How do two people create such a big fat sound that’s also filled with beautiful intricacies?

Kabir Cafe – Halke Gaadi Haako

This is one act I’ve been meaning to catch for a while but never have got a chance to. I’ve met Neeraj at our gigs and shared mutual admiration, but it will be great to watch these guys live for the first time, especially considering that we are in the same space, musically.

Thaikkudam Bridge – Nostalgia

As an honorary Malayalee I’ve been thrilled about the bands from Kerala singing in Malayalam. There’s something quite fabulous about the blend of the language with contemporary and western elements. Of course, Thaikkudam are poster boys of the Mallu rock movement, and I hope they really bring it.

Nanok – Fever

I quite liked the song, the first time I heard it. There is a playful vibe to the music and it says such a lot even without words!

Borkung Hrangkhawl – Never Give Up

Ever since I discovered this guy on the NH7 Lineup, I’ve been blown away by the raw energy of his voice and the way he’s blended the things he feels passionately about into his music.
Where: Embassy Riding School, Next To Stone Hill International School, Tarunhunse Village, Jalahobly
When: December5-6
Tickets: Find all the information here or directly buy them here.
Price: INR1,500 upwards
Find them on Facebook here.
Check out their website here.
Image credits: Swarathma