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Stressed? Fix That By Spelling It Backwards And Dousing It In Chocolate From This Place

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What Makes It Awesome

Dessert understands us like nobody, and nothing else ever will, and the ones made with love by Sweet Mystery will have you leaving all your social obligations for them. Starting off as a cupcake shop, their love desserts made them add to their repertoire. Now, find chiffon cakes, molten lava cakes, cake pops, and gooey M&M cookies among other things. 

The idea behind the name “Sweet Mystery” is that looks don’t determine the taste, so don’t go expecting fancy fondant, or anti-gravity cakes. While they primarily do pop-ups, they’ll happily take custom orders. They’re very experimental with their desserts, as they have no problem combining, fresh fruit, alcohol, and of course, lots of chocolate! But for those of you watching your health, or are more conservative with how you consume desserts, they do eggless and vegan variants too. We were blown away by how rich their dark chocolate chiffon cake tasted, only to discover that it was eggless! If not chocolate, their cheesecakes and fruit-custard desserts are also refreshing yet indulgent.  

Place your orders a couple of days in advance, with all the extra instructions (related to ingredient, taste, or date). If you want something that caught your eye on their social media, they're likely to make that within the day. Bulk orders take slightly longer, and seasonal variants of desserts obviously are only available when the ingredients are (looking at you mango and strawberry!). 


They even make chocolate (or cover fruit with it if you like), and we’ve seen chocolate (edible) shot glasses and bowls, should you be trying to impress anyone with how sweet you can get.