Ten-Second Takeaway

A charming terrace café, The Table Blue brings Mediterranean food and colours into the spotlight. But we love its Greece meets Goa vibe most!

Chow Down

Greek Souvlaki, Croque Monsieur

Sip On

Irish Cream Shake, Cold Coffee and plenty of wine

Winning For

Chilled out atmosphere and cool vibes. And some of the spot of Greek dishes. Yes you dear souvlaki.

Lowdown On The Ambience


This café really transports you to the Mediterranean coast. The soothing blue and white décor nicely sets up the bicycles that are strung up against the exposed brick walls, and the bench-style seating ensures things are a bit beachy. And when framed photos of Jimi Hendrix look down at you approvingly, you know you’re on the right track.

Kicking Off


It’s meant to be Med food but for some reason, there’s a Malai Kebab first on the menu. So we had to order it and were thankful we did for the tender chicken appeared with an interesting beetroot and pineapple sauce. But we were more impressed with the Greek version — the chicken Souvlaki. Quintessential Greek flavours of lemon, garlic and olive oil, came together beautifully with the meat and the spot-on tzatziki {yoghurt and cucumber dip}, made it better. Fries accompany both kinds of kebabs and that they disappeared in no time is testament to their taste. Those who want soup, my dining partner recommends the Seafood Chowder which is topped off with white wine!

Sandwich Course

Despite a limited offering of sandwiches, we were keen to try the Crouqe Monsieur. Loaded with cheese, Dijon mustard {yay!} and pork ham, it was a treat. Croque Madame with chicken and egg is good too and well worth skipping mains for. But naturally we didn’t. Onward with gluttony! Don’t say no to the Rosemary Infused Chicken. That too with mashed potatoes and a peppery mushroom sauce drizzled over it.

What you could say no to is the pastas. The Bolognaise and Arrabiata sauces were not bad, but nothing really noteworthy either. Unfortunately, for vegetarians, there’s not much else on offer, and even then the Veggie Stroganoff, is a disappointment. If you can stay happy with starters, go for it!

Sweet Note

Dessert, baked New York Cheese cake was a tad dry for our liking, and the innovative Kullad Mango Pannacotta won first prize in the department. For some real dessert-esque stuff, order the Irish Cream shake that is a bitter-sweet to perfection. The Cold Coffee too isn’t too bad, with a dollop of vanilla ice cream to go.

So We’re Thinking…

Service is a bit slow but friendly, so head here only when you have time on your hands. Also, since it’s not air conditioned, it can get hot when the sun’s high. Current climes are best suited for this place.

Photos: The Table Blue