Ten-Second Takeaway

This portal is for gamers and by gamers, and we’re so thankful for the existence of Tacnik. Buy, sell or even rent anything to do with PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and unite with fellow addicts on this platform.

Game On

Started by a bunch of hardcore gamers from Bangalore, this platform is great for buying and selling games and consoles. If you’ve only just taken to gaming or are perhaps new in town, what’s great about Tacnik is that they even rent all things gaming — from the console itself to games.

From Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty to FIFA and Unchartered, these guys have it all. No, really. They do. We tried to hunt down good old Heavenly Sword, and lo and behold found it here. That too at 30 per cent off, to buy. Of course, you can choose to rent it, if you’re those heartless players who use and throw! They charge per day {price depends on the game and how new it is} and they have plans which let you borrow the games for a week, fortnight or a month, and you can pick the option based on how quick you are. If you want to extend the loan, they’re happy to help out.

Console-ing Factor


They have plenty of PS4 games {think Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Dues Ex} but their current PS3 collection is far larger – FIFA, Dark Souls, Mortal Kombat, Batman and the delightful Assassin’s Creed. Those on the Xbox, calm down. They have stuff for you too… Fallout, Need For Speed, Pro Evolution Soccer and even the Assassin’s Creed India Edition. But don’t expect the vast choice of the Sony console, that one’s clearly more popular. Sorry, we’re PS fans too!

Want to rent the consoles {PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and the XboxOne } themselves to try it out or as a temporary replacement, just call and they’ll come set it up at a convenient time. Used and new consoles and controllers are also up for sale. So if you liked the test run, buy it and join the global party!

Playing For The Prize

We also love that it’s about community playing. So look out for meet-ups, competitions and general gaming banter. In fact, if you’re a pro at FIFA 16, sign-up for the Bangalore leg of the ESWC 2016 Paris Games Week. The competition, ESWC FIFA Bangalore Qualifiers 2016 {September 30 and Ocotber 1}, will see gamers on the PS4 battle it out at FIFA 2016. The winners will get an all expense paid trip to Paris for the finals and the change to win prize money worth $15,000. Ha, hear that parents? And you thought gaming wouldn’t earn us money! Sign-up here for INR 500.

Check out the online store here.

Prices: INR 100 upwards per day for the games and INR 499 upwards a day for the consoles.

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out the website here.

Photos: Tacnik