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Start The New Decade With 10 New Experiences

We all love Bangalore. Be it the food, the beer or all the local experiences one can indulge in here, this city has something to offer to everyone. If you've been living in Bangalore all your life or recently moved to the city, there are a few things that you just cannot miss out on. We've put together a list of top 10 things to check out and do in Bangalore this 2020. Read on! 

One of the city’s oldest, the bustling KR Market is made up of countless stalls and street vendors, hawking everything from strings of jasmine to dumbbells. The flower market is touted to be one of Asia's largest, so wake up early for this one and enjoy all the colours and scents (a multi sensory immersive experience).

VV Puram AKA Thindi Beedi in Basavanagudi is translated literally to “Food Street”, get food incorporating all elements. Be it ice wafers, fire paan, or pani puri -- they’re all there! From hot greasy dosas, to crunchy Congress peanuts, you’ll be delighted. Just remember that the street only comes alive post 7 and you can eat to your heart's content.

“Namma Ooru... Bengaluru !! Who are we?? BFC !!” If you've been living in Bangalore and haven't caught a single game of Bengaluru FC, you certainly are missing out. Head over anytime Bengaluru FC is playing, in fact, there are a few home games in January, so, go get your tickets and catch the Blues in action.

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