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Happy Belly Bakes Just Turned 10! Celebrate With Bacon Pizza, Smoothie Bowls & Cold Brews


Happy Belly Bakes has just turned 10 and boy are they celebrating it big with new additions to the menu that includes bacon pizza, smoothie and Buddha bowls, and cold brews. 

What Makes It Awesome

When a bakery and a cafe celebrates its 10th birthday, you know it's going to be a treat for your tummies, right? Expect nothing less on the 10th year anniversary of Happy Belly Bakes with new additions to their menu that includes a little bit of everything. For starters, they have introduced cold brews, so the next time you are at the Primrose Road outlet working, you have something to drink apart from the usual order of their rich hot chocolate. Pair the cold brews with desserts such as the newly introduced Ferrero Rocher Crunch cake and boom, you've yourself a meal. 

If you are worried about the carbs, there's Insta-worthy (look at the pictures) smoothie bowls and Buddha bowls to dig into. The Tropical Smoothie Bowl and the vegan Mexican Bowl are our picks. You can add chicken if you prefer some meat in your bowls. Speaking of meat, there's also the Bacon Pizza that's added to the menu. Completing the new menu are Eggs Akuri that's added to the all-day eggs menu that has our favourite Bacon & Cheese Melt, and the Insta-trending Peaflower Tea that turns purple when you add a dash of lime. Quiches are on offer too at the Primrose Road outlet. 


If you want to be a part of the celebrations, we are hosting a table and you could be one of the lucky few to join us. Just check out our Instagram handle for more details. 

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