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Pens To Books: Hit Up These Stationery Stores

Of all the fixations in the world, an unhealthy obsession with stationery can be considered to be pretty normal. If you, like us, love to hoard journals, pretty stickers, colour pens, notebooks, markers and postcards, then you are definitely a stationery fiend. And for obsessed folks like you, online shopping doesn’t really cut it as far as stationery is concerned. You gotta feel the paper, run your fingers through beautiful notebooks, try and test pens and admire colours and paints. So, without much ado, we give you a round up of stationery stores in town, we feel you must visit when you feel the need to restock your supplies. After all, there is no such thing as too much stationery.

Take a break from clicking on those keyboards, and go ahead and pen your thoughts! And, Crossword’s notebooks and diaries with funky covers (featuring everything from bright colours to smiley faces and quotes) are bound to inspire you. Taking notes at work? Their quirky memo pads in the shape of nachos and playing cards are what you should stock up on. We love that they also have products from the peppy Indian brand Mufubu. Known for their clever products, the must-buys from their collection include the Block Book Lights, the cutesy notepads, and the journals (they even have one for when you can’t sleep).

While Reliance Stationery Mart is a haven for artists, they also have quite an array of stationery. Look beyond the water paints, brushes and easels and you’ll see rows of pens (good old fountain pens to sleek gel pens) and markers (look out for ones from Staedtler). Highlighters in neon shades (colour up those boring textbooks, perhaps?) and plenty of folders and files are on offer, too. Even if you aren’t much into art, we suggest you take a look at their range of charcoal pencils, watercolour pencils and shading pencils. You might just be tempted to try your hand at a spot of sketching!

At Sapna Book House, you have an entire section dedicated to stationery. Apart from the basic supplies like pencils, pens and cute erasers, they have a selection of notebooks (we love the spiral-bound ones and the Paper Fibre series) which might make you linger for longer than you were planning to. They have a wide range of art supplies as well, including painting materials, sketch pens, colour pencils, canvas boards and many more. All of them at affordable rates, too!

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