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#LBBPicks: Top Places In Bangalore To Gorge On Bottomless Buffets

Not interested in the contents of your lunchbox and looking for something heartier? Then this long list of restaurants that serve no-holds-barred buffets in Bangalore will not disappoint you. Suited to every budget, here’s a list of pig-out destinations.

A killer view of the city’s skyline keeps you company as you raid the buffet stations at this rooftop dig. For starters, you get a mix of Indian and Lebanese kebabs and herb-infused soups. Tuck into biryanis, Thai-inspired curries and buttery gravies for the main course.

Decked up to look like something from a Mughal durbar, the restaurant lays out a feast fit for the royals at lunchtime. Ladle piping hot Shorbas into bowls and carry plates of Corn Kebabs, Pulavs, mutton curries, and Rajma. Jamuns, Rasgullas, and pastries do their sweet bit at the end of the meal.

During weekdays, you can feast on a menu that includes typical dishes like Chicken Tikka, Sarson Da Saag, Butter Chicken, and fluffy rotis. Don’t forget to finish up with a Paan Shot – a popular refreshing drink they serve at the end of the meal.

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