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We Found True And Sweet Love: Here Are The Best Chocolate Desserts In Bangalore

We are very much in agreement with cartoonist Terry Moore when he says, “The 12-step chocolate program: NEVER BE MORE THAN 12 STEPS AWAY FROM CHOCOLATE!” And surely you agree too. Somehow chocolate seems like the right answer to everything life has to throw at you. ‘You’re fired!”. Here have some chocolate. “Will you marry me?”. No, but here’s some chocolate ice cream. See, it fits in everywhere. So we did you all a favour and scouted the entire city for the best of chocolate desserts. From the simple brownie to the most indulgent sundae, ladies and gentleman, let’s get chocolatey with the best chocolate desserts in Bangalore.

PS: Don’t hate us if we missed your favourite. Just add it in comments and we’ll make sure to add it on this list.

There is nothing more satisfying that Death By Chocolate from Corner House — both literally and in the case of this dessert! Loaded with chocolate ice cream (or vanilla if it’s too much for you), chocolate brownies, and then drowned in the trademark chocolate sauce and drizzled with nuts, it’s pure heaven. Don’t even think of counting calories. Just don’t. And maybe don’t share either. Unless you’ve had a heavy meal earlier, in which case do, as it’s rather heavy.

Don’t go expecting you hot chocolate powder mixed with hot water here. No siree! Happy Belly Bakes' hot chocolate is actual dark chocolate melted into a rich, dreamy liquid and served in a little espresso cup. So really, it’s a shot of warm chocolate. OK, sorry, we need to go get some of this. See, you there.

Old-school, chocolatey and ideal for that cheat day, what is great about this one is that they don’t hold back on Ferrero Rochers. The surface of the cake is decorated with the chocolate, and the bottom layer of the cake actually has chunks of it. Pair it with their in-house coffee, or order the whole cake for a birthday at home. Either way, you won’t regret it.

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