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River Rafting, Mahseer And Treks: Your Nature Fix Is Just 100Kms From Bangalore


Say goodbye to cell reception, television and WiFi and say hello to river rafting, trekking and campfires at the rustic Galibore Nature Camp.

What Makes It Awesome

Who says you need to catch a flight or a train to get away from the city? Just jump into your car or hop onto your bike and set GPS to Kanakpura Road. And at only about 100 kilometres from Bangalore, you’ll be in the fine company of deciduous forests with the river Cauvery for company. Sounds magical already, no? While this isn’t where you’d go for a swish weekend getaway, this is ideal to reconnect with nature and really get that adrenaline pumping. So quickly dump your backpack into one of the 10 tented cottages, and get straight to work — river rafting! Since the camp is right on the banks of the Cauvery, there’s no reason not to get straight onto a raft and bob down. If you head off between November and March, chances are you’ll get a fuller river and that means more rapids. Woohoo! Bring on the excitement. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t go otherwise. 

When back, lounge on the deck chairs outside your tents, or by the banks of the river with a beer in hand. Grilled fish is usually on the menu, so until you get the aroma of the smoky mahseer, don’t bother to get up! Unless of course, you’re like me and have ants in your pants. In which case, feel free to go off solo {good luck getting the group off the hammocks and swings that hang from trees in favour of a trek}, and explore the camp. There’s a little hillock which has a great view of the surrounding hills and the weaving river. Perfect for some soul searching! Or bird watching, if you’re interested. 


Keep your eyes wide open, as it’s also your best chance at spotting crocodiles.

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