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Stir Fry To Noodles: When It Comes To Budget Chinese, Koramangala Is King

Chinese food is soul comforting and let's face it, there are days when you want to slurp on some Hot & Sour Chicken Soup or eat your way through chopsuey, greasy starters, and dumplings! These are those days when nothing other than greasy, Indian Chinese will do. And for those days, we have just the list for you — a bunch of budget-friendly Chinese restaurants from the bottomless food pit that is Koramangala.  

Arguably the best budget Chinese noodle house in Koramangala, WPS wins it hands down for their super greasy, carb-loaded noodle and rice boxes that come in two sizes - regular and large. These boxes are customisable to the T starting with the kind of noodles or rice you want to add veggies and meat. The best part is the boxes work as quick-fix meals with minimal fuss. They have an extensive menu too, but we say stick to the boxes that will cost just under INR 200. 

With around seven outlets across the city, this no-frills place is a go-to option when you have Chinese on your mind. Start off with the thick Manchow soup before you proceed to tuck into their Hunan Chicken and Butter Garlic Noodles. If that doesn’t fill you up, there’s always wontons or flavourful starters to load up on. Looking for a quick meal? Go for their Dragon Chopsuey which comes with a choice of soft or crispy noodles. Lazy folks, you can even do a quick home delivery from them.

Right from the entrance to its panda-themed interiors, Noodle Panda hits all the right spots with it's self-service model and a menu filled with crowd favourites. Start with  Grilled Teriyaki Bao and Sui Mai Dim Sums before ordering custom noodle boxes are what they specialise in and you can order a regular or large Noodle Box and go crazy with combinations. But if you are giving the noodles a skip, then you are going to want to eat copious amounts of curry, as the rice comes shaped like a panda. No kidding! Finish off with the gooey Fudgy Cookie Dough Ice Cream With Oreo. 

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