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Nuts About Nutella? These 9 Desserts In Town Take Our Love For It To The Next Level

For many of us, Nutella has found a warm gooey spot in our hearts. Whether it’s a quick chocolate sandwich, a midnight snack or a full blown sugar coma, the good old chocolate and hazelnut spread has seen us through it all. And many food establishments in the city have paid homage and given the gooey spread an upgrade by incorporating it into some of the most drool-worthy desserts in town. Here’s a list of some of the best desserts that the Nutella nutter in you is going to love.

The Nutella Cheesecake served at Art of Delight is one of their most popular desserts. Combining our love for cheesecake and Nutella, the dessert is just as yummy as you’d expect it to be. Served in a pretty mason jar, make sure you get your spoon deep enough to get to all its layers including the crumbly biscuit layer at the bottom.

Price: INR 130

We have had dreams about this one. A sweet little cake, this one is loaded with all the Nutella and chocolatey deliciousness you’d want in a cupcake. Bite into some of this gooey goodness and you will not regret it. Thank us later!

Price: INR 90 a piece

Practically a meal by itself, this brownie meets fudge dessert has generous amounts of Nutella in the icing and in-between layers too. We’re loving the texture the alternating layers of fudge provide and every bite of this cake is a sweet experience.

Price: INR 180

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