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From power cuts to distractions, the pitfalls of ‘working from home’ are endless. But do not fear – whether you want your office to double up as a watering hole, need to take your pet to work, or prefer to get busy in the small hours of the morning, the city now has co-working options for every freelancer or start-up.

Formerly known as Cobalt BLR, gets a thumbs up from us for its super central location, you can select an open space if you want to interact with those around you, or a quiet corner if you need pin drop silence to work. They even have an on-site pantry, library, meeting room, comfortable chairs and projector, so you will be able to work more productively.

Bringing together the creatively inclined, Social provides a work space in the upstairs area above the main bar. Equipped with printers, wifi, stationary, lockers and café-style seating, the aim is to encourage physical interactions. The fact that the monthly fee is redeemable against food and drink makes this a rather good deal, but the only catch in this bar-meets-work situation is that Social asks for applications and you can’t just walk in. 

Apart from being the go-to for informal meetings, potential recruitment interviews and a base for several start ups to operate out of, on the second Saturday of every month there is a meet-up for entrepreneurs at the Indira Nagar branch. High speed internet access and plentiful plug points mean you can work here any time there’s a spare seat. And if your coffee happens to get cold, Starbucks will make you a fresh cup absolutely free.

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