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Shake It Like Shakira And Shimmy Away At These Belly Dancing Classes In Bangalore

Working out doesn’t have to be a part of the day that most of us are usually dreading. Skip the weights and the elliptical, and workout the fun way by channeling your inner Oriental goddess and swinging your hips in tune to the music. Sign yourself up for these belly dancing classes happening in Bangalore.

In the shimmying game for over a decade now, Arati Punwani has poured her heart and soul into the Tarantismo Creative Dance Company, a space where people can discover a love for dance and self-expression. The belly dancing classes are conducted by Arati’s partner, Deepti, who will have you shaking and shimmying in no time. They offer classes of varying levels, so you can sign up for one that works with your pace and get to shaking those hips.

Price: INR 2,400 upwards

Spend your Sundays learning how to sway to the rhythm at the Fusion Dance Studio on New BEL Road. With around four belly dancing instructors on the team, taking two-hour-long sessions every Sunday from 11.30 to 1.30pm, you can sign up for their two-month package for just INR 4,200. Sundays are now for shimmying.

Price: INR 4,200 upwards

Organising belly dancing classes for beginners, the Latino Rhythm Dance Academy is where you should be on weekends if you’ve got hips that don’t lie. With three belly dancing instructors on board, you can sign up for a two-month package of 16 classes for around INR 4,000 and get to shaking every Saturday and Sunday.

Price: INR 4,000 upwards

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